Floworks designs and delivers learning simulations and training that bridge the gap between theory and practice - changing the way your people work.


Terra Nova mirrors the real-world challenges that organizations face. Despite a shared mission, individual teams focus on their own needs rather than the good of the whole organization. As a result, quality suffers, conflicts surface, and bottlenecks form.

Incorporating an integral 360-degree feedback process, Terra Nova highlights the interrelationship between the environment, individual behaviour, and the creation of outstanding results. More

Organizations don’t have time to explore accountability from a theoretical perspective - they have to deliver on customer promises now.

For example, Enterprise Inc. is an organization in free-fall. Teams of its employees race against the clock in a competition to construct a spacecraft on time and on budget. To succeed, they must assess and coach for performance, aligning their goals and activities to achieve individual and team accountability. More

The Big Picture graphically illustrates the importance of aligning the vision, goals, and activities of the diverse people and groups within your organization.

Each team is responsible for illustrating one segment of a 8' x 10’ banner in this fast-paced, hands-on simulation. In the final moments of the exercise, the individual sections are brought together, and everyone shares the same thought: “I know we did good work, but what will it look like when it all comes together?” The answer arrives as the banner is raised - the results revealed in a burst of technicolor. More

Most innovation is accomplished by individuals and groups seeking breakthroughs to everyday challenges. Research studies show that any team using a structured innovation process will produce up to 500% more ideas than a group using traditional brainstorming methods.

Innovation in a Box is a flexible, user-friendly, and field-tested process and suite of tools that can be applied to a wide range of problems and opportunities. And since people learn best on the job, participants do real work instead of case studies during their training, applying the i5 Process to their own work challenges and opportunities. More