Build a City. Build a Team. Build a Future.


Terra Nova mirrors the real-world challenges faced by organizations, where departments often work in silos focused on their own tasks and concerns while they lose sight of the larger vision of the overall organization.



During this highly engaging simulation, competition and deadlines will put pressure on processes and communication strategies. Quality issues, bottlenecks and relationships challenges will force participants to create collaborative solutions to enable Terra Nova to thrive. 


Terra Nova engages participants, builds knowledge, creates commitment and equips teams with the tools and the confidence to align the goals and activities of various groups within their organization. 



Six teams, representing distinct departments within an organization, work together to build a new city called Terra Nova. The mission: to make Terra Nova prosper. As teams dive in, friction and inefficiencies surface, quality suffers and changes must be made.

Multiple debriefs give teams opportunities to stop and evaluate their behaviour and performance. They learn how to take charge of their organizational culture and environment, fine-tuning their ways of working to ensure they make their production quotas without undermining engagement.

Adjustments are made, and processes improve.

Incorporating a 360 feedback process, Terra Nova highlights the interrelationship between the environment and individual behaviour, and the importance of timely, clear, and honest communication. By focusing on the alignment of goals, participants will create an organization that has removed bottlenecks, drastically improved productivity and achieved outstanding business results. They will also discover that they have created a great working environment along the way.

Together they build a city, their team, and a high-performance future.

Terra Nova can be further customized to drive your organization’s values, competencies, and messages.


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