The Art of Alignment


The Big Picture is an engaging experience that beautifully illustrates the importance of ensuring all the components of your organization — people, processes and resources — are aligned with its strategic vision.



What is the price of mis-alignment in an organization? How might that be experienced visually and graphically? What is the value of taking time to stop mid-project, evaluate, and pivot? 


The Big Picture illustrates how the work of each person, team and department affects the customer experience and therefore impacts the bottom line. Participants gain the confidence and competence needed to create a cross-functionally aligned organization that removes bottlenecks, improves productivity, achieves outstanding results and is a great place to work.


Participants work in teams to accomplish a common goal: producing a full-colour wall-sized 8-by-10 foot billboard.  For the finished product to shine everyone’s work must literally align - but very quickly teams experience tension between their tasks and the organization’s promises to its customers. (Literal lines and colors produced by the individual team must match and integrate with those around them.) 

Two mid-program debriefs allow participants to learn the importance of taking time to stop, evaluate, and change course. The group’s success at managing the project is graphically illustrated by the finished billboard.

The end result is always revealing! Participants experience how their actions and behaviour impact the performance of their team and of the overall organization.

For more details about how it works, download the one-page program overview.

The Big Picture can be further customized to drive your organization’s values, competencies, and messages.


What People Are Saying

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