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Founded by Rick Boersma and Aspen Heisey in 2001, Floworks Inc. creates experiential learning simulations, tools, and experiences that maximize learning retention, individual and team performance, and application in the workplace.

Based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, we work with customers, distributors and partners around the world.


Adults learn best through experience.

We take it for granted that pilots and EMS personnel need practice in simulators for hard skills retention. So-called soft skills training requires the same rigour. Like a flight simulator, our programs actively engage participants while allowing them to safely experience, respond to, and learn from the critical challenges that can make or break organizations.

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How we’re different.

Practice and Reinforcement: Too many simulations are designed with a “got’cha!” was the end, where learners find out what they “should have done”. Floworks simulations incorporate multiple debriefs throughout the experience that allow participants to evaluate their decisions and actions, experiment and practice, and to be successful - in other words they practice and reinforce the right behaviours.

Customization: We’re experts on simulation design, but you’re the expert on your organization.  We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your learning objectives, content, language and models, are integrated into a simulation that meets your needs and achieves your goals.

Application:  Our job doesn’t stop after the final debrief. We’ll work with you to identify how best to bridge the gap between the classroom and workplace, and how to successfully translate learning into action.